IT Managers face many complex hurdles when addressing multi-location management for onsite IT services throughout the United States.  Whether managing under 10 locations or tens of thousands, the decision to have a full or even part-time local onsite IT services technician (W2 employee or W9 contractor) that is capable of supporting their company’s local IT service needs.  The type of technician required for this IT support would be a Network Engineer with ample experience in general computer services, network engineering including servers, routing, switching, security systems, data cabling skills, telephony and some knowledge of printers — and possibly someone who is comfortable traveling a lot if they are to support a company’s multiple locations onsite IT service requirements in the USA.

Technology to Relax

How do I manage so many locations at once?

Hiring locally especially for companies that are less heavy on their IT infrastructure can prove to be costly and prove to be difficult managing multiple decentralized team members in addition to other pitfalls.  However, if the decision is made to not directly employ locally these complex IT ongoing support initiatives, large and small projects (e.g. technology migrations, computing software upgrades, office moves, relocations, mergers, etc.) can become a logistical nightmare causing overall failure of the project, poor quality and documentation control, over-spending initially, a slew costly revisits and a slow down in productivity for those directly affected by the change in technology.  Many large scale and even smaller IT projects may affect and entire organization, especially when there are multiple locations involved.   These dilemmas that IT senior and mid-level managers struggle with in managing multiple locations nationally and internationally has formed a demand for a multi-location IT service provider that acts as a single source point-of-contact (POC), offering a wide array of onsite computer, networking and data communications services in an agile ongoing day-to-day support capacity as well as the ability to manage large and small project roll-outs as their IT infrastructure continues to develop over time.

If you are facing any of these challenges, please contact A+ Mobil Techs as we are happy to chat with you and lend some of our insight as we have  been supporting multi-locations for larger and smaller business clients since 2002. Thank you.