Many IT Departments struggle with managing multiple locations nationally and internationally forming a demand for a multi-location IT service provider that acts as a single source point-of-contact (POC), offering a wide array of onsite computer, networking and data communications services in an ongoing day-to-day support capacity and as their IT infrastructure continues to develop over time. We all need to begin thinking about the Low-Voltage Cabling requires a holistic combination of onsite IT service support and manpower. Even the vendors on the forefront of combined networking still have separate engineering and sometimes even business units for these functions.

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A+ Mobile Techs – Nationwide IT Network Services

  • Low-voltage Data Cabling Services: Adding new cable runs within and office, upgrading cable (e.g. all types of Cat5 cabling & Cat6 cabling and Fiber Optics), new location hardware layer installation and maintenance.
  • Wireless networks, smart buildings – installation, maintenance and expansion.
  • A/V (audio visual) equipment such as TV’s, interactive whiteboards (e.g. Smartboards, Teamboards, etc.), video projectors, sound systems (including XM radio systems), surveillance systems, etc. installation and maintenance.
  • Telecommunication services: Maintenance of existing (analog or VoIP) phone system. Programming of phone systems when there may be a glitch and installation of new/upgraded phone systems (e.g. when moving from analog to VoIP).

There are some IT network service providers, however, one of the pain points we have recognized is the need for dedicated account managers and redundancy for the dedicated IT services account managers in case the primary account manager is unavailable (personal day, vacation, etc). At A+ Mobile Techs we have developed a system whereby we assign dedicated account managers from the beginning of a business relationship that truly get to know a client’s staff, general operations, and of course their IT infrastructure (hardware, software, service call workflow, operations, etc).