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Tip #1: Refrain from letting your toddler eat cereal next to your laptop.

Tip #1: Refrain from letting your toddler eat cereal next to your laptop.

To extend the life of your laptop computer or desktop computer, follow these computer maintenance tips from A+ Mobile PC Doctors, the most trusted computer repair company in Boston.

  • To cut down on temperature changes and dust affecting your computer, create a “summer home” for your laptop or desktop that is away from open windows and air vents. Especially now that it is getting warmer, a combination of hot outdoor air, frigid air conditioning, and airborne dust and particles can really mess with your hardware.
  • Uninstall programs that you’re not using instead of just deleting them. This will free up space and will prevent errors from improperly trashing the programs.
  • Reboot. Can you remember the last time you shut down and restarted? Rebooting will reset the RAM and make your computer run faster.
  • Clear your web history to free up memory.

For Boston computer repair services, A+ Mobile PC Doctors is conveniently located at 316 Newbury Street, #21. We are one of the few Boston computer repair companies that offer onsite computer repair in Boston — we come to you.

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A HP Pavillion latop currently in our Boston computer repair shop in Back Bay this morning with serious issues. We quickly discovered that the PC was showing symptoms of infectious malware ranging from Trojan Horses and adware to even more malicious worms and spyware.  The intent of most of this malware (malicious software) is to steal your identity, credit card(s), or just simply to wreak havoc on your operating system and programs (software layer), or sometimes physically attack your system components (hardware layer).

Virus Removal in Boston

Virus Removal in Boston

What ultimately happens is that many viruses can attack you machine making it either go to a blue screen, or make it almost impossible to do anything on your computer because it is too slow or constantly freezing up.  Then the only choice is to find a local computer repair company to assist you, or junk the PC and buy new.

We have around a 95% success rate when we manually remove malware from any PC, regardless of the operating system. This means you don’t have to backup your existing data (quarantine it and clean it to ensure you are not carrying any of the infected files when you put them back on your drive later on) to “wipe” or reformat the drive, then reinstall everything from the operating system, drives, Windows updates, your security software (AVG, Norton, etc.), MS Office (if you use MS Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook, etc.), and specialty software you might use (e.g. QuickBooks, Photoshop, peripheral device software, etc.), your printer(s), VPN’s etc. and then ultimately your files that you backed-up and cleaned from the old infected drive. Whew!

Pop ups galore and unmountable boot volumes can sometimes mean a full reformat and reinstallation of Windows, especially when the unit comes with Windows Vista or Windows 7. This is not the end of the world.

At the customer’s request we can create drive duplicates so that you do not lose any files once your hard drive is reformatted. Using several powerful deep scanning utilities, we ensure that no infections are carried over when your files are restored. Once again, this is only in the case that a reformat / Windows reinstall is absolutely necessary.

Experiencing such an event can remind you of how important backing up data can be. We have several solutions to help you to backup your data to make the recovery process run smoother in the future. With External drives and programs that automatically backup your drives periodically, we can help you to not lose any of your information. also, having the appropriate anti-virus software can prevent the loss from occurring in the first place.

As a computer repair and Boston computer repair company, we do a lot of virus removal and are constantly testing different anti-virus, anti-spyware (anti-malware) and computer security software. Some of the products that we demo on a regular basis are AVG, Symantec (Norton), Panda, Kasperski, Zone-Alarm, Computer Associates and McAfee.  We are aware that none of these are infallible, however, we have found that AVG’s paid version of their Anti-Virus software and the paid version of the AVG Internet Security 8.5 are the best the market has to offer.

On the flip-side we have noticed that on about 95% or more of all malware related issues, the PC is running some version of McAfee. We cannot endorse this product, and frankly are shocked that it is so widely used in today’s market, and endorsed by such large companies as Dell, AOL, Comcast, Verizon, Cox Communication, etc.

IMPORTANT: It is also a good idea to run a good Registry Cleaning Software on your computer periodically, and especially after doing a virus removal. There are several good Registry Cleaner / PC Optimization softwares on the market, however, from our research we have found RegCure to be one of the best, and relatively inexpensive.

Click Here for the Best Computer Registry Cleaning Software

Click Here for Best Computer Registry Cleaning Software

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If you’re looking for a laptop repair company to quickly get your laptop back up and running, choose the veteran on the Boston computer repair scene — A+ Mobile PC Doctors. For over 8 years, A+ Mobile PC Doctors has been serving Boston area customers and their laptop repair and technology services needs. We serve residential customers as well as commercial customers (small offices and national companies).

From Somerville to the Stoughton, Newton to South Boston (and often times cities beyond these ones),  A+ Mobile PC Doctors has been dispatching computer technicians to complete onsite computer repair jobs. Or if onsite computer repair isn’t your style, you can drop off your laptop at our BRAND NEW, conveniently located office at 316 Newbury Street in Boston, MA!

Our customers love that we are timely, professional, and always get the job done to their satisfaction. We are proudly accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so you can rest assured that your computer will be in good hands.

Some of the most common jobs we perform are laptop virus removal, spyware removal, desktop virus removal, laptop software repair, laptop hardware repair, desktop software repair, desktop hardware repair, and telecom services.

Visit A+Mobile PC Doctors on the web to see a full list of services today. Or call us at 1-617-723-1986 to speak directly with a technician about whatever your computer repair needs may be.

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There are numerous software programs and manual techniques you can use to secure your computer, but when it comes to physically securing your laptop while you’re travelling, here are some tips.

1. Don’t use a computer bag. Buy a padded laptop cover and carry your computer in a small carry-on suitcase.

2. Encrypt your data. With Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 you can choose to encrypt files and folders.

3. Buy a lock. These aren’t very expensive, and there are even programs that can report the location of your laptop if it’s stolen. They work when the laptop connects to the Internet.

4. Use a screen guard.

5. Use the “Do Not Disturb” sign if you leave your laptop in your hotel room. Ideally, you should bring your laptop with you everywhere — but this is not always possible.

If you find that your computer security efforts have failed you, there are usually ways to restore data and repair your computer. For experts in Boston computer repair, visit A+ Mobile PC Doctors on the web. Or call us today at 1-617-723-1986 to speak with one of our technicians.

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The earthquake in Haiti has inspired groups of Americans to go beyond donating to various relief organizations. Around the country, groups of information technology professionals have gathered to help the people of Haiti remotely, by using their computers. The volunteers hail from different organizations including Google, NASA, the United Nations, the Red Cross, and the Los Angeles Fire Department.

At several locations in the US and at one location in London, a “Crisis Camp Haiti” was organized starting this past weekend. Volunteers collaborated on how to design new maps of quake-rattled Port-au-Prince neighborhoods, better family member finder services, and quicker communication systems.

The volunteers hope to be able to successfully launch a tech-based disaster relief system that will be running smoothly in preparation for future disasters around the world.

For information on how you can volunteer your tech expertise to assist in the Crisis Camp Haiti efforts, please visit

A+ Mobile PC Doctors is your source for experienced, professional computer repair technicians that are located nationwide. We are well-known for efficient Boston computer repair and fast computer repair services. Visit A+ Mobile PC Doctors on the web or call us today to speak directly with a technician at 1-617-723-1986.

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