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Have you ever tripped on your laptop power cable? Or dropped your laptop and now your laptop will not charge? Or possibly you now need to wiggle the AC Adapter cable where it plugs into the female port (the DC Power Jack) in the back or on the side of your laptop to get at least (or in some instances, at most) intermittent connection allowing electricity to flow to the PC?

Any way you cut it, this can be very frustrating and can cause you a major inconvenience especially if the laptop is dead and you need to access files that are on that computer which can sometimes lead to a more expensive data recovery computer laptop repair service once your battery runs out just to access your files until you can get the DC power jack repaired. The fact that your computer is not getting power  is most likely due to one of two or two of two things:

1. The actual power cable and/or the AC Adapter Cable -that plugs into your laptop is damaged and it needs to be replaced
2. Damage has been occurred to the DC power jack, which is what the male port on the end of the AC adapter cable plugs into. The DC power jack actually resides on the motherboard and allows electrical current to flow to the laptop.

AC Adapter w/ Power Cable

AC Adapter w/ Power Cable

Power Jack Repair

DC Power Jack Repair

Most computer repair shops do offer some laptop repair services, however, many of these computer repair shops do not offer the DC Power Jack Repair services in-house as it is a more complex repair requires a high level of expertise with laptops since the laptop needs to be disassembled to access the motherboard, ability to solder and not your every day run of the mill tech possesses these skills.

Our Boston computer repair shop is one of the few locations that does offer DC Power Jack Repair in eastern MA, and we do all the work in-house, not sent out to another company or location. We offer DC power jack repair services for Toshiba, Dell, HP, Sony Vaio, Lenovo. Thinkpad, Gateway, Acer, Asus, Mac and all Apple laptops in Boston MA. Also, depending on your computer make and model and our available stock we can preform a DC jack repair on the same day or for next day pickup.

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Boston computer repair companies are a dime a dozen here in the technology mecca that is Boston. Think all computer repair companies are the same? Think again. That’s just like saying every auto repair shop offers the same quality service you can trust. That being said, here are a few reasons why A+ Mobile PC Doctors takes the cake when it comes to quality Boston computer repair services you can trust.

Onsite computer repair. WE come to YOU. Whether it’s your home or your office, we are a rare thing in the Boston computer repair market because we offer convenient onsite computer repair.

Remote computer repair. If it can be done without physically handling your computer, we will be glad to do it! Give us a call at 1-617-723-1986 to discuss the possibility of a convenient remote access computer repair service.

Insured technicians. All of our technicians are insured by The Hartford. From the moment your laptop or desktop computer leaves your sight, you can rest assured that it is in good hands.

We are a team. A+ Mobile PC Doctors is a team of certified, experienced computer repair technicians.   Wouldn’t you rather trust us than that guy that fixes computers out of his mother’s basement?

Location, location, location. Business often choose us to accomplish their business networking services because we operate in several different states across the US. So if your business operates within Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, or Wisconsin, give us a call at 1-617-723-1986 about your needs today!

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A+ Mobile PC Doctors, a leader in the Boston computer repair and technology services industry serving both residential and commercial customers, is excited to announce the grand opening of our new Boston computer repair and networking shop at 316 Newbury Street, 2nd floor in Back Bay Boston, MA right above Steve’s Cafe on the corner of Newbury and Hereford!

One of the things that sets A+ Mobile PC Doctors apart in terms of computer repair in Boston is that we offer efficient onsite computer repair services as well as networking, low-voltage (structure) cabling and telecom services in and around all of eastern MA, and in select other areas around the country. From this new computer lab, “A+ Mobile” Computer Repair & Networking (as they sometimes call themselves) will work with residential and commercial customers on a wide variety of IT and communications projects both big and small. Since 2002 A+ Mobile have gained a reputation as being a top computer repair company in the Boston area and New England, serving both residential and business customers with equal enthusiasm.

Do you have a hunch that something is wrong with your computer, perhaps a computer virus or malware issue but you don’t know where to start? Speak to a technician today by calling 1 (617) 723-1986. Perhaps we can diagnose the problem over the phone, then arrange to pick up your laptop or schedule an onsite computer repair visit.

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Visit A+ Mobile PC Doctors on the web, where you can read up on some helpful computer security tips. Below is a list of our services and the big brand names that we repair regularly:

Residential Services

Commercial Services

  • Telecom Services
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Onsite Computer & Networking Support
  • Remote Support & Network Administration
  • Data Backup
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Storage
  • Helpdesk Setup and Configuration
  • Firewall Installation
  • Security Software & Hardware Systems
  • LAN/WAN Setup and Configuration
  • Server and Workstation Setup and Upgrades
  • Exchange Server Configuration
Laptop Computer Repairs

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A+ Mobile PC Doctors has been in business since 2002, and is a BBB accredited business. Over eight years in the computer repair business has gained us a reputation with our customers for being an affordable, local computer repair company in Boston. From the minute we pick up the phone to answer your call, your computer problems are in the hands of caring, patient, experienced computer technicians. Visit the A+ Mobile PC Doctors website today or call at 1 (617) 723-1986 to see what we can do for you!
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As a computer repair company in Boston, we try to provide the most current information to our customers on how to prevent the need for major computer repair overhauls. We know how frustrating it can be to find time in the middle of a busy work week or class schedule to drop off your computer for a few days of computer repair services. That’s why we are constantly keeping you up to date on the best ways to secure your computer.

Britain’s Telegraph recently reported a study that concluded that 1 in 4 children have received inappropriate material, including pornography, via email. In response to similar studies, the UK Government has instituted a school program for children called “Click Clever, Click Safe.” Though we don’t have a nationwide program like “Click Clever, Click Safe” in the US, it may be even more important for parents to learn about how to keep their kids safe (and innocent) online.

There are several free and paid browsers and email clients for kids available on the Web, which could cut down the chances of your child receiving a NSFK (Not Safe for Kids) email. Here’s a lowdown on a few of them:

PikLuk – A web browser AND an email client.
Pros: White list option.
Cons: Only for PC. Paid version costs $20 a year.

KidMail – An email service your child can access from any email provider that has POP/SMTP access (Gmail, Thunderbird, etc.). Quarantines emails to your child until you approve them.
Pros: KidMail sends an authentication message to unfamiliar email senders. Prevents NSFK spam.
Cons: Costs $29.95 a year. Time consuming; parents must approve all emails sent to their child.

Zoobah – An email service.
Pros: Has white lists and black lists, blind carbon copies to parents, and customizable filters. Parents can choose to remove images and links from their kids’ emails.
Cons: Costs $29.95 a year.
There are many more kid-friendly browsers and email clients out there; simply Google “browsers for kids” or “email for kids”. A+ Mobile PC Doctors is dedicated to providing its customers with the most current security tips to prevent major computer repair services. If you find yourself requiring computer repair services in Boston, let your laptop fall into the hands of the most professional and efficient technicians in the business. Visit us on the web today and find out why we are one of the best computer repair companies in Boston.
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There are dozens of computer repair companies out there. A simple Google search for “Boston computer repair” brings up 979,000 pages of results. If you’ve never needed computer repair services, how can you tell which company will efficiently fix your computer? And which company can you trust to not go through you private pictures and documents?

Start off by asking friends or family if they have used a computer repair services company in your area. Ask them if the problem was fixed. Then ask them how long it took, and ask how much they paid. If the answers you receive aren’t to your liking, go back to the Internet.

Just like restaurants and bars, service companies often rely on reviews posted by their customers on various websites. If you find a company that you think may be a good fit, Google them to see what others have said. Why? Without a bit of research, you could be putting your expensive computer and private files into the hands of someone like the technicians at Laptop Revival in London.

For reliable, trustworthy laptop repair services and computer repair services in the Boston area, turn to A+ Mobile PC Doctors. We have been providing fast and efficient on-site computer repair services since 2002. As for national services, we have technicians located across the United States who will travel to your home or business. In addition to computer repair, we also perform the following services:

  • Business Computer Networking
  • Virus Removal
  • Spyware Removal
  • In-Home & Commercial Wireless Networking
  • Low-Voltage Cabling Services
  • Telecom (telephone) Services
  • On-Going Support Services
Visit A+ Mobile PC Doctors on the web, or give us a call at 1-617-723-1986 if you have a question about your computer or any other services you might require.
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