Different types of viruses are removed in different ways. For virus removal, it helps to know the type of virus you are dealing with. In today’s post and the next, we will discuss the most common types of computer viruses.

Boot sector virus: Also known as the master boot record virus, this virus infects the boot sector of the booting device of your computer (hard drive or floppy drive). By infecting the boot sector, this virus disables the computer, and the computer is unable to start. An infamous boot sector virus is the F-Prot.

Trojan virus: The Trojan virus or Trojan horse virus disguises itself in a harmless looking program and infects the computer through a hidden code. This virus derives its name from the wooden horse’s name that brought about the decline of Troy in Greek mythology

Macro virus: A macro virus comes embedded in a document or spreadsheet file. It contains a set of codes written in a language such as Visual Basic which is embedded in a harmless looking file. A common macro virus is the I LOVE YOU virus.