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A Lenovo laptop repair that recently came through our Boston computer repair shop had a “no power to laptop” issue as it would not take a charge from the power cable.  After first ruling out that the power cable and A/C Adapter (these are the two cables that run from a laptop to the electrical outlet) are not faulty, we

Laptop jack repair on a Lenovo laptop

Laptop jack repair on a Lenovo laptop

then inspected the connection from the A/C adapter cable to the actual laptop and noticed a slightly loose connection with the DC jack (the internal component that you plug the A/C Adapter power cable into on a laptop).  The suspected resolution was a DC jack repair where we would re-solder the jack onto the motherboard or to purchase a new laptop jack cord, depending on what type of DC jack the laptop had beneath its cover and the damage to the actual jack and possibly even to the motherboard.  However, if re-soldering or buying a DJ jack cord did not fix the issue, then there may have been a short circuit on the motherboard itself which means the motherboard would have to be replaced.  Therefore, the laptop was taken in for a diagnostic.

After carefully taking apart the Lenovo and inspecting the DJ jack cord that it encapsulated, a multi-meter was used to measure the voltages at each end to ensure proper connection, which indeed revealed a grounded wire as the issue.  Fortunately, instead of purchasing a new DJ jack cord, a re-soldering of the cord onto the plug fixed the issue.  After notifying the customer, this task was completed and the laptop was powering on. Computer repair problem resolved within 24 hours – nice!!

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Even the most common Boston computer repair problem requires a bit of magic administered by one of our technicians.

Last month, a customer brought in an IBM Thinkpad due to an ‘unmountable_boot_volume’ blue screen of death. He explained that he was shutting down his IBM Thinkpad and accidentally dropped it, albeit just about a foot, while the shutdown was in process.

We removed his hard drive and re-seated it to make sure it hadn’t loosened in the fall. Then we booted the laptop using a Windows XP Professional CD, done by hitting F12 during the boot-up process and choosing ‘CD’ as the primary boot device. The CD spins and asks the user to hit any key to confirm booting to the CD. After the Windows XP file setup, the system inquires whether the user wants to set up Windows XP, repair a Windows XP installation using the recovery console, or quit. We chose ‘R’ for repair.

At the recovery console, we typed ‘chkdsk /r’ to check the consistency and files of the hard drive and to repair any bad sectors. After this, in order to fix the ‘unmountable_boot_volume’ it is necessary to type FIXBOOT. When asked if the user is sure that he/she wants to overwrite the previous boot sector, we typed ‘Y’ and ‘ENTER’.

Problem solved!

For more Boston computer repair tips and tricks, stay tuned in to the Boston computer repair blog. For remote or onsite computer repair in over 20 states, visit A+ Mobile PC Doctors on the web at their Onsite Computer Repair Services site.

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One of our Boston computer repair technicians recently had an interesting experience with one of the computers in the office.

This week, a number of desktops and laptops were brought into the office due to a whole spectrum of hardware and software failures.  Most of these systems had virus infections and hard drive issues. Others needed LCD and other parts replacements.

One particularly interesting project was with a particular system that would crash every system it was linked to. A diabolical computer with an agenda for destruction. We shortly figured out the issue and restored the system back to normal. This is a type of unusual happening, but it does get fixed and it is what makes the job so interesting!

Now it is coming to the holiday weekend, and though I have had enough hot weather for this week as the AC in shop has recently been repaired, I am looking forward to the summer weather and resting up for another busy week in the office.

Looking for a reliable team of Boston computer repair specialists? A Plus Mobile PC Doctors is one of the largest and most connected team of specialists in Boston and beyond. Visit us on the web to see what we can do for you at our Onsite Computer Repair website.

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Tip #1: Refrain from letting your toddler eat cereal next to your laptop.

Tip #1: Refrain from letting your toddler eat cereal next to your laptop.

To extend the life of your laptop computer or desktop computer, follow these computer maintenance tips from A+ Mobile PC Doctors, the most trusted computer repair company in Boston.

  • To cut down on temperature changes and dust affecting your computer, create a “summer home” for your laptop or desktop that is away from open windows and air vents. Especially now that it is getting warmer, a combination of hot outdoor air, frigid air conditioning, and airborne dust and particles can really mess with your hardware.
  • Uninstall programs that you’re not using instead of just deleting them. This will free up space and will prevent errors from improperly trashing the programs.
  • Reboot. Can you remember the last time you shut down and restarted? Rebooting will reset the RAM and make your computer run faster.
  • Clear your web history to free up memory.

For Boston computer repair services, A+ Mobile PC Doctors is conveniently located at 316 Newbury Street, #21. We are one of the few Boston computer repair companies that offer onsite computer repair in Boston — we come to you.

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The best way to save money on laptop repair, virus removal, and other computer repair services is to go directly to the pros — A+ Mobile PC Doctors, a local computer repair company in Boston. Did you know that there are even MORE ways to save money on the maintenance of your laptop, desktop PC, and other gadgets?

Check out PC Mag’s blog GoodCleanTech.com, where you can research the best products for saving cash on energy bills. The site reviews energy-efficient gadgets and puts its seal of approval on the equipment that passes their standards. Below are a few top choices.

Desktop PCs

Lenovo ThinkCentre M58p, $1100, is the best option for a business PC. Comes with Energy 4.0 and Greenguard certification, which reduces indoor air pollution. Uses 76 watts and 40 watts when idle.

Apple iMac (above), $1500, is Energy Star 5.0 certified and runs at 118 watts (95 when idle). Like the Apple Macbook Pro, it’s made of recyclable materials.


The Toshiba Satellite L505D-S6947 (above) is only $600, consumes 24 watts when in use, and 0 watts when idle.

The Apple MacBook Pro, $1200, is Energy Star 5.0 certified and is made from recycle-friendly materials. It consumes 13 watts when idle.

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