What is the CAT5 cable?

CAT5 cable refers to Category 5 cable. This refers to both the shielded as well as the unshielded versions of the twisted pair cable. This cable is used for Ethernet networks.

Four twisted pair cables put in one jacket for the CAT5 cable.

When is the CAT5 cable used?

CAT5 cabling is done for home and office computer networks. This cable is the fifth generation Ethernet twisted pair cable.

What are the advantages of CAT5 cabling?

– CAT5 cabling supports high-speed networking.
– CAT5 cabling is cost-effective.
– The CAT5 is an Ethernet standard set up by Electronic Industries Association and Telecommunications Industry Association (EIA/TIA).

In spite of higher versions like CAT6 and CAT7 available in the market, CAT5 remains the most popular. Let the computer experts help you set up this cabling for your computer network.