Why do you think that IT outsourcing has been very popular as of late? Disregarding the fact that it is much more economically viable considering the recent financial crisis, there are more reasons why you should outsource your IT needs to another company; and not all of them is what you might think.

Most IT personnel are not in it for the long run

Most IT professionals have gainful career aspirations, as do most professionals, and if your company deals with products that are far from what they are interested in and they know that they will not be able to contribute much to your company’s growth, and if you only hired them to make sure that your computer systems are in top working condition always, then you can expect that most of them will not last more than a couple of years.

Not everyone is as skilled as they claim to be

You can blame the weak economy and companies downsizing their workforce for losing your job, but it could also mean that you are simply no good at it. If you are interviewing an IT professional and you find out that he has been in and out of a job several times in just a couple of years, then you need to have some serious doubts about whether or not he is actually good at his job as he claims to be.

To avoid IT professionals who hold grudges

This is not to say that only IT people are the ones who hold grudges against their former employees, the problem is that they hold powerful information about the company and they can deal serious harm if they ever wanted to get revenge. IT personnel are the ones who know the passwords to every computer in the office, and they have the power to cripple your network if they feel like they have been wronged. So when you need to hire an IT professional, make sure that they are emotionally stable.

The bad news is that you need to address these serious problems if you do decide to hire a full-time IT professional for your office staff; the good news is that you can just use an IT staffing firm to get reliable services without going through all these hassles. You not only save money by outsourcing, you also get a guarantee for quality service, which is always a good deal any day.