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Unless you have been living under a rock for these past ten years or so,  you must at least have heard about VoIP telecom services. The days of t  he good old landline phones are numbered because of the advent of hi    gh internet, they would soon be replaced by a cheaper, and more  efficient   means of telecommunications known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. Onsite IT Computer Services

Telecommunication Services - Onsite IT Services

Telecommunication Services – Onsite IT Services

If you are thinking of finally joining the modern age and upgrading your  home phone system to VoIP, here are some of the benefits that you can  expect:

Clearer Transmissions

You can say goodbye to choppy conversations and delayed transmissions when you switch over to VoIP. Unlike traditional phone calls where analog signals are used, VoIP calls are purely digital; what this means is that voice data can quickly be sent over the internet to the receiver. With VoIP there is no lag in transmissions and the sound quality will be a whole lot better.

Cheaper Long Distance Calls

Remember how you need to keep track of how long you stay on the line whenever you are making a long distance phone call? You had to do this if you do not want to get a stellar phone bill at the end of the month because long distance calls were, and still are, pretty expensive. However, if you are using a VoIP phone you do not have to worry about long distance costs because you will get charged the same rate as if you were making a local call. Now you can call your relatives from across the country without worrying about your phone bills skyrocketing.

You Can Use Your Existing Hardware

The great thing about VoIP is that you can still use your existing landline phone units to make calls, not that digital phone units are that expensive. All you need to do is attach an analog-to-digital converter (which costs just a couple of bucks) to your old phone and you are good to go; most of the time, VoIP service providers give these converters out for free to new subscribers.

These are but some of the many benefits that you can expect when you switch over to VoIP. Although you and your old landline phones may have shared a lot of memories together you need to say goodbye to each other. Get in touch with a good VoIP telecommunications services provider and find out why it is infinitely better.

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It does not matter if you own a large company with more than a hundred employees or a small one with less than a dozen workers, you will always need the help of good structured cabling services to provide your office with a reliable data network. These days, no business can function properly without utilizing a couple of computers, and you need to make sure that all of your company’s computers are interconnected so you can share important data between machines. A good data cabling network is also essential for you to use the full capabilities of modern, high-speed internet.

If you think that you can just get just any regular electrician to run the wiring all around your office then you are sadly mistaken. There are more things that go into structured cabling system than just placing the wires all over the place, you also need to place different types of essential hardware in strategic places to make sure that your network will function properly.

And speaking of wires, you should not just use any kind of network cabling for your office. If you are trying to install the data cabling system on your own, you are probably thinking that you can use the cheapest Cat5 cables to save on costs, but know that if you choose this kind of cable it will not be able to make full use of gigabit speed internet. If you want your computer network to run efficiently, you need at least Cat5e cables; Cat6 or fiber optics cables are recommended if you want to future-proof your network.

The installation process can also be a bit tricky; you need to make sure that the cables are not stretched out too far from the servers, and the bends should not be too extreme. You should also have in place an effective cable management system so you can prevent wayward cables from taking over your office, and this will also make it easier for technicians to locate and fix any problems so operations downtime will be kept at a minimum.

These are only a couple of reasons why you should get help from expert structured data cabling services. Hiring professionals to lay down the necessary cabling and hardware for your company computer network is not as expensive as you might think, and the best part is that you are guaranteed that the quality of their work will always be top-notch.

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If you are speaking with several structured cabling services because you want a new data network installed in your office, then you might feel a little bit confused about all the letters and numbers that are constantly thrown into your conversations with them. For people who are not that technically-inclined, yourself included, hearing all of these strange alphanumerical codes can be pretty overwhelming, and it may also cause you to make the wrong decisions regarding your cabling system.

So to help you get some insight on what the cabling professionals are talking about, here are some of the more common cable types that are used in most computer networks:

Cat5 – Category 5 (aka Cat5) is probably the oldest, and most familiar type of data cable in use today, and it comes in two varieties: the Screened Twisted Pair (SCTP) and the Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP). SCTP is the standard used in European countries, while UTP is used primarily in the US. This type of cable can support transmission speeds of up to 100Mbps for 100m; this type of cabling is suitable if you are using a standard DSL internet connection.

Cat5e – This is the enhanced version of the Cat5 hence the “e” and it can now support transmission speeds that are more than ten times the capacity of Cat5. This is the reason why most modern cabling installations are opting Cat5e cable for the Cat5, and it is very likely that the Cat5e will render its predecessor obsolete in the next couple of years.

Cat6 – This is the new kid on the block, and it can outperform all of its predecessors combined. This type of cabling actually provides shielding for every individual twisted pair so that there would be less interference that will hinder data transmission speeds; this results in cabling that can support more than 10Gbps speeds, and at the rate that internet connection speeds are evolving right now, if you want to future-proof your data network then this would be the best choice to use.

If you are on a rather tight budget, then it is suggested that you ask the data cabling services if they use Cat5e cables (which they will most likely do), this will suit your needs if you do not plan on getting a faster internet connection in the future; but if you have a bit more money to spare, then going the Cat6 route will be better.

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The large number of companies who offer structured cabling services is an advantage for consumers because it means that they have plenty of options to choose from, and because of the competition between all of them, it also means they can find the best company that provides quality services at reasonable prices; but it can also be a problem since not many people can tell a good company from one that’s just out to get their money.

If you’re thinking of getting the services of a professional cabling company to hook up your business with a modern structured cabling network, then you need to avoid the following pitfalls:

Picking a company just because they offer the lowest prices

In the world of structured cabling it is true when they say that you get what you pay for. The company may use substandard materials and practices so they can justify their low prices, so you need to be wary when a certain company offers you a price that is much lower than the others as they might not have the experience or the skills needed for a proper network cabling installation.

Overspending on a structured cabling installation

Though it is true that you should not pay too little for network cabling, the same also goes for paying too much. You need to find out beforehand what kind of data will be going through your network so the company will be able to provide you with a solution that is suitable for your current needs. You need to be careful as there are plenty of companies out there who will say anything just to get you to avail of their most expensive setup, even though it will seem like overkill for what you will actually be using it for.

Not planning ahead

Before you give the green light to the cabling contractor you should at least have a network design already drawn up, or at least have an idea on where you want your cables to go and where the switches and other components should be. This will not only help the contractors lay out a network that will suit your needs, this will also help them provide you with an efficient cable management system; one that will allow for easy repairs and expansion so that you network can keep up with the growth of your company and its needs.

Avoiding these common mistakes will allow you to find the best company that provides data cabling services so your company can make full use of what modern technology has to offer.

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These days, with the advent of high-speed internet, your company needs to have a cable network that is capable of handling the kind of connection speeds available so you can make full use of it; and this is why you need the help of reliable data cabling services to give your company a push into the future. If you are planning on installing a structured cabling installation in your place of business, then you need to take a couple of things into consideration.

A proper layout is one of the most important factors in the planning of a structured cabling network because this will help you find out whether you need vertical or horizontal cabling, and where you need to place the user access points. Also, if you occupy two or more buildings, you need to plan the layout properly so you can take exterior cabling into the network as well to link the cabling network of the buildings together.

The type of cabling used is also important when planning a structured cabling installation. Your company may want to use the tried and trusted copper based cables for your network, or would you rather use the next generation of materials that provide faster speeds like fiber-optics. You should consult with your chosen data cabling services provider on which material is most suitable for your needs, they may also be able to provide you with some other options on what you may need when you plan to upgrade your company in the near future.

You should always think of what you may need in the far future as well when planning a data cabling system for your company’s needs. Future-proofing your network by making sure it can easily be upgraded when needed will prevent you from spending an exorbitant amount of money whenever a new and better cabling technology becomes available.

With the help of proper structured cabling, your company will be able to make use of all the benefits that modern high-speed internet has to offer. When you have an efficient cabling network in your place of business then your company already has a leg up over your competition, and you will get a guarantee you will be holding that position for a very long time.

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