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As computer technicians, one of the most common questions we are asked is: “Should I fix my laptop computer, or am I better off just buying a new laptop?”. This is when we put on our IT consultant hat, and take up the position as if the computer in mention were our own – in fact, this is how we are trained from day one within our company to handle every computer repair job. After all, that truly is the fairest approach and leaves our customers with the best, and most trusting sentiment at the end of the day, especially since it is authentic.

Fixing Laptops

Fixing Laptops

In many cases Laptop repair is worth it, especially if the computer is less than 3 years old and the initial cost was over $600. In addition, one has to consider several other matters when considering replacing one’s laptop rather than repairing it. For example:

  • What is the current state of the damaged computer? Can it even boot into Windows so that we can pull off all the licenses of the loaded software for re-installation purposes? If not, then you are looking at purchasing all new software outside of your Windows operating system (unless you keep meticulous files with all your software4 license keys printed out and/or have the original installation CD’s. which only about 2% of the population keeps records like this according to our experience).
  • Will you be able to re-use your copy of MS Office (e.g. MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Power Point, MS Access, etc.)?
  • If you can re-use your MS Office license, is it a version that is worth continuing to use or is it time to upgrade (e.g. from MS Office 2003 to MS Office 2007 or above?)
  • Will you be able to re-install your paid version security software (e.g. Norton, AVG, McAfee, etc.)?
  • Is there any other paid software on your computer that you want to keep without having to repurchase (e.g. Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Adobe, CAD, etc.)?
  • Are there files on your computer you need to recover?
  • Are the files you are looking to move over (data transfer) from your old computer to a new computer) in need of a cleaning as to not carry and computer viruses over with them (such is the nature of viruses, they will spread from drive to drive)?
  • And lastly for now, do you like your computer, or has it been a lemon?

Generally for laptop computers older than 5 – 6 years, it does make sense to purchase a new laptop rather than invest in prolonging the life of your old one. Remember, that computers are somewhat like cars in the sense that eventually parts are going to break.

The laptop buyers market can be intimidating and the prices change rapidly as new technology comes out. It’s always best to talk to a computer technicians about what you need to get out of your new system and where to find the best deal. In general, within a price margin the competition doesn’t vary as much as you might think. So if you are trying to find a laptop between $500-$1000 don’t get hung up on the numbers – think about what you want to hold in your hands.

Screen Size / Weight – Laptop computers vary from tiny netbooks to monster workstations

Keyboard Layout – Always demo your laptop before you buy it to see if the keyboard fits your hands – think about whether you need a numeric keypad or not, and if you do know they come as USB attachments.

Speakers – You may have a stereo for home entertainment and headphones for on the go – but good speakers make or break a laptop for a lot of people.

Gaming Capabilities – If you are a gamer you definitely want a high quality video card, most likely a larger LCD screen, a powerful processor and plenty of RAM (random access memory).

If you are thinking about a high-end laptop over $1000 there are a lot more options to consider – including getting a Mac (sadly its impossible to get a Mac laptop on a budget). Before you make a serious investment get in touch with a professional to ensure you purchase your personal ideal laptop.

If you have questions about upgrading your laptop, purchasing a new laptop and what it would take to move your files over cleanly as to not infect your new laptop computer – and/or if you are just looking for an honest answer and advice about purchasing a new computer, please feel free to give us a call (617-723-1986) or stop by our Boston computer repair shop and speak with one of our many Boston based computer repair technicians and we would be happy to assist you.

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Boston computer repair companies are a dime a dozen here in the technology mecca that is Boston. Think all computer repair companies are the same? Think again. That’s just like saying every auto repair shop offers the same quality service you can trust. That being said, here are a few reasons why A+ Mobile PC Doctors takes the cake when it comes to quality Boston computer repair services you can trust.

Onsite computer repair. WE come to YOU. Whether it’s your home or your office, we are a rare thing in the Boston computer repair market because we offer convenient onsite computer repair.

Remote computer repair. If it can be done without physically handling your computer, we will be glad to do it! Give us a call at 1-617-723-1986 to discuss the possibility of a convenient remote access computer repair service.

Insured technicians. All of our technicians are insured by The Hartford. From the moment your laptop or desktop computer leaves your sight, you can rest assured that it is in good hands.

We are a team. A+ Mobile PC Doctors is a team of certified, experienced computer repair technicians.   Wouldn’t you rather trust us than that guy that fixes computers out of his mother’s basement?

Location, location, location. Business often choose us to accomplish their business networking services because we operate in several different states across the US. So if your business operates within Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, or Wisconsin, give us a call at 1-617-723-1986 about your needs today!

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A+ Mobile PC Doctors is #1 for computer repair in Massachusetts and computer networking in Massachusetts. Daily, we dispatch skilled computer technicians all over Eastern Massachusetts and beyond. We have been in business since 2002 and we are currently the leading company in laptop repair in Massachusetts and virus removal in Massachusetts.

Looking for computer repair services in Massachusetts? Here are some of the locations we serve in Eastern Mass:

Allston Computer Repair
Andover Computer Repair
Arlington Computer Repair
Barnstable Computer Repair
Belmont Computer Repair
Boston Computer Repair
Bourne Computer Repair
Braintree Computer Repair
Brewster Computer Repair
Brighton Computer Repair
Brockton Computer Repair
Brookline Computer Repair
Cambridge Computer Repair
Canton Computer Repair
Cape Cod Computer Repair
Carver Computer Repair
Centerville Computer Repair
Chatham Computer Repair
Chelsea Computer Repair
Chestnut Hill Computer Repair
Concord Computer Repair
Cotuit Computer Repair
Dedham Computer Repair
Dennis Computer Repair
Dorchester Computer Repair
Duxbury Computer Repair
Eastham Computer Repair
Fall River Computer Repair
Falmouth Computer Repair
Foxboro Computer Repair
Gloucester Computer Repair
Hanover Computer Repair
Harwich Computer Repair
Hingham Computer Repair
Humarock Computer Repair
Hyannis Computer Repair
Hyannisport Computer Repair
Kingston Computer Repair
Lexington Computer Repair
Lynn Computer Repair
Malden Computer Repair
Marshfield Computer Repair
Martha’s Vineyard Computer Repair
Mashpee Computer Repair
Massachusetts (MA) Computer Repair
Mattapoisett Computer Repair
Medford Computer Repair
Middleboro Computer Repair
Milton Computer Repair
Nantucket Computer Repair
Natick Computer Repair
Needham Computer Repair
New Bedford Computer Repair
New Seabury Computer Repair
Newton Computer Repair
North Andover Computer Repair
Norwood Computer Repair
Orleans Computer Repair
Osterville Computer Repair
Plymouth Computer Repair
Quincy Computer Repair
Rockland Computer Repair
Sagamore Computer Repair
Sandwich Computer Repair
Scituate Computer Repair
Sharon Computer Repair
Somerville Computer Repair
South Boston Computer Repair
South Shore Computer Repair
Stoughton Computer Repair
Swansea Computer Repair
Taunton Computer Repair
Walpole Computer Repair
Waltham Computer Repair
Wareham Computer Repair
Watertown Computer Repair
Wellesley Computer Repair
Weston Computer Repair
Weymouth Computer Repair
Winchester Computer Repair
Woburn Computer Repair
Yarmouth Computer Repair

Visit our website for more information about our computer repair services in Massachusetts.

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As a PC-to-Mac convert, I have nothing against Apple computers in general. I love how easy it is to find my files, I love how pretty Tiger is to look at, and I love iPhoto and iMovie. My past gripe was that Apple computers are ridiculously overpriced — which is now a bit out of date due to the company’s more recent recession-proof pricing.

The one complaint that I still have about Apple is its terrible customer service and repair system. They overcharge, they make you wait, and, let’s be honest, who really wants to lug their broken laptop into the mall on a busy Saturday afternoon? What really angers me is that they overcharge because they CAN.

In a recent article, Gizmodo.com points out that high fees are the LEAST of the company’s vices. Turns out, I’m not the only one to have experienced the fine print of the Apple Care warranty, extra-long waiting periods, and overall crappy customer service.

For reliable Apple laptop repair, A+ Mobile PC Doctors is one of the most experienced and trusted companies for computer repair in Boston. We promise to stand by our time estimates, treat you and your computer as you SHOULD be treated, and offer a competitive fee for repairs. Take a look at our website to see all of the services that we offer, and see how far our national computer repair coverage expands.

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