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Plenum-rated data cable is derived from an old HVAC term referring to “plenum spaces”.  A plenum space is the division of a building that facilitates air circulation by providing pathways for heated/air-conditioned and return air-flows at a higher pressure than typical.

Simply put, plenum rated low-voltage data cabling has an extra fire retard applied to the shielding portion of the cable making it more resistant to heat and less likely to cause fires vs. non-plenum cable which does not have this extra layer of fire protection.

Plenum Cat5 Data Cable

Plenum Cat5 Data Cable for Low Voltage Data Cabling

The choices available for different cable products these days are very abundant. Everyday new options are being introduced into the electrical market. Whether it be from the parameters changing to the different variations, the choices are becoming more and more plentiful as time goes on. One option; however, which is usually the first thing a person takes into consideration when purchasing cable remains pretty constant. This is whether or not the cable to be used will need to be plenum rated or Non-Plenum rated.

There are two basic types of building construction as it regards the movement of heating, air conditioning and ventilation through office buildings. In these modern times, every business needs a reliable cabling system to handle their voice and data needs, and if you do not want any untoward delay in your operations due to a massive system failure then you should only get the services of reliable structured data cabling services. As the years pass, more and more technological innovations seem to pop out of the woodwork, and this is all the more reason why you should get a cabling system that can manage all of these new devices and infrastructures so your business can reap all of their benefits.

In newer construction and in most high-rise construction the architects save space and the cost of expensive sheet metal return air ducts by simply drawing the air back to the heating/air condition unit through the open spaces above the ceiling and between the walls.

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Installing network cabling in your home or office can be quite tricky, which is why most people would just opt to hire professional data cabling services to lay out the wires for them. If you want to try your hand at installing your own cabling (which is not really recommended) then here are some of the things that you should avoid doing if you want your data network to run as efficiently as possible.

Not thinking about the future

When most people try installing their own cabling network, they would often choose to use the cheaper cables like Cat5 or below, but doing so may only cost you more money in the long run. Cat5 cables have been around for a very long time, and back in the days when high-speed internet was still in its infancy, these kinds of cables were sufficient. But now, Cat5 cables will have a hard time handling all of the high-speed data needs of today’s computer users, and in a year or two you might just end up pulling out all of your Cat5 cables and install newer ones, and this will not be cheap.

If you want to give your cabling system a much longer lifespan, then consider using Cat6, or even Cat5e cables; these cables are better suited for high-speed data transmission and would certainly fulfill your needs for many years to come.

Not using proper cable management

It is not enough for you to just lay down cables and connect them to where they are needed, so you should also spend a bit more of your money on proper cable management systems. You might think that buying ladder racks and additional switches and other cable management tools are needless expenses, you thought wrong. Not only will cable management tools make your cabling network look neat, sometimes even beautiful, it will also make it easier for you to troubleshoot the network whenever you need to.

You should color-code your cables, or at least clearly label them so that you, or another technician, will be able to quickly diagnose and fix any problems that may arise in the future.

It is not really recommended that you make installing network cabling into a DIY project; there are too many things that could go wrong that would only lead to even more costs. If you want your home or office data network installed correctly and quickly, then you should get the services of professional low-voltage data cabling services instead.

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With the ever-increasing strides in technology and communications, the importance of proper low-voltage data cabling in a business, commercial building or even at home has reached a point where it can no longer be ignored as before. Prior to the improved data and communication systems, it used to be very easy for one to ride off the existing cable infrastructure (e.g. such as their analog phone lines) and simply suffer slower data transfer rates.

Cat5 data cable

Cat5 data cable

However, with ISP’s (internet service providers) now offering faster and faster connection speeds, it has become more and more important to ensure that your local area network (LAN) is cabled to support these data transfer rates. And unless you are running wirelessly into a commercial grade wireless router, and are willing to risk sensitive data to potential wireless hackers, you network needs to be hard wired with a more powerful low-voltage data cable such as (Category)  Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, etc or Fiber Optic cable.

computer services nationwide

Nationwide Data Cabling Services

There is a bit of challenge in finding the right company and as such, the right technicians to fit your cabling needs, and to ensure they will not only deliver on time and excellent clean work, but not up-sell you on materials you do not need. In addition, we recommend you work only with companies that have the credentials and past experience (proven track record) demonstrating their ability to handle these kinds of professional data cabling services projects.

One reason why network cabling needs to be handled by well-trained and credentialed professionals is because the data cabling installed is required not only to support the voice and data networking needs for today’s challenges, but also for cabling demands of the future. A poorly installed cabling system is known to result in very painful and highly irritating poor performance characterized by unusual noise, hum, crosstalk and poor voice quality over the phone lines. In fact, many nationwide computer services experts will concur that a poor cabling system is also responsible for bottlenecks over phone lines, low data transmission speeds and failed printing jobs resulting in massive downtime and frequent losses in productivity.

To ensure that there’s always a reliable and strong networking structures especially in places of business or public venues, the Telecommunication Industry of America (TIA) and other standards organizations have constantly worked together to develop and implement standardized methodologies relating to the installation of structured cable networks.

These standards make great use of low-voltage data cabling as well as structured cabling strategies that have been tried, tested and proven to deliver optimum results. It is important to note that failure to adhere to these standards and guidelines especially in businesses and other public places can attract legal problems. Consulting with reputable and well established Nationwide computer services companies can help a great deal to ensure that only the best, safest and most cost-effective low-voltage data cabling infrastructure is installed correctly the first time.

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There’s no doubt that at some point at least one of the computers in your business networking chain will need some kind of computer repair so that you don’t lose any of your mission critical data.
Global Economy
We live in a global economy today, and the amount of computer networking that’s necessary to get information from across the office or the other side of the world is staggering. If you want to keep your international business running smoothly, you’ll need a good team from one of the reputable computer repair services in a place like Cape Cod to keep all the links in the chain strong.
As well, you need a good computer repair service when you’re being proactive as well. The best of these places will include both data recovery and virus removal in their services. You might even need a little help with setup as well.
There are PC repair services that can even help you with firewall installations and general maintenance. If you’re really stuck when you’re first starting out or stuck in a time constraint when you’re moving the office, you can find a computer repair service that’s got the right network cabling capabilities as well.

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