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As experienced computer technicians, we have a lot of experience surrounding the old topic of virus removal (now more frequently referred to as malware: malicious software), and have assisted thousands of customers since 2002 with malware removal from both home and business level computer users.

Virus Removal in Boston

Virus Removal

We get calls and emails daily regarding computer viruses from troubled individuals that want to know what they can do to remove the virus(es) and spyware, or better put, malware (malicious software) from their computer. Our initial reaction is always to ensure their immediate security, so we ask them questions like:

“Is your machine powered on and are you connected to the internet?”

–>We ask this to ensure that the virus is not transmitting their personal data back to its host (the hacker that wrote the malware application). If so, we ask them to at least disable their internet connection by unplugging their Ethernet cable from either their PC or the Router, and if, god forbid, they are still using dial-up, then disconnect the phone line from their PC. This precautionary action will terminate their connection to the internet and cease any possible communication between the virus/malware and their host.

“What are you running for security software? If yes, is it a free version or paid version, and is your license current?” (e.g. anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, etc. software such as AVG, Norton, Avast, Panda, McAfee, CA, etc.)

–> This helps us determine how badly their machine is infected. Let’s face it, none of these security software are infallible, but we try to put our best foot forward when protecting our networks, data and PC’s. If they tell us that they are not running any security software or it has expired, we know, right off the bat, that the machine is swimming with many viruses.

“Are you able to get online?”

–> This helps us determine whether or not a remote session would even be possible, or do we need to physically possess the computer to conduct a proper virus removal. It also helps us determine how badly the viruses have infiltrated the computer.

Computer Virus Removal

Computer Virus Removal

A PROPER virus removal….hmm…that brings us to the theme of this blog post. Every kid out there with a screw driver and a computer that thinks they know even a little about computer repair, is on the web advertising his or her services (mostly on Craigslist.com and Google/Yahoo & Bing Maps since it is free to advertise there) claiming that they are some kind of expert: BUYERS BEWARE!

  • They undercut the market since they do not have any company overhead such as insurance payments and in many cases personal and/or commercial rent/utilities, etc.
  • They don’t have any technical certifications and/or very little field experience beyond their own PC’s
  • Most of which are still in high school or just barely graduated (if they graduated at all), and even more have zero college or formal education, and definitely no technical training.
  • They don’t carry any sort of insurance, so when they botch the job and lose all your data you as a consumer have zero recourse.
  • Most importantly: They don’t truly understand Virus Removal and how to do it correctly!
Buyer's Beware

Buyer’s Beware

We as a company are constantly interviewing technicians and looking for the best of the best technicians. As such, we have a pretty steady flow of resumes coming in through our IT Jobs recruitment. and we personally review each and every one of these resumes – most of which get tossed out. Occasionally we do receive resumes that look promising and merit at least an initial investigatory phone call – which I myself place. When conducting these initial interview calls, we begin to drill down on the technical aspects of computer repair and networking as a start to begin to judge what the candidates’ true technical knowledge and experience are, and one of the first topics we discuss is virus removal.

10 times out of 10, the candidate will state that they really understand virus removal and it is no problem for them. Then, as the conversation continues, and we ask them to walk us through a typical virus removal process and we discover about 9.5 times out of 10 that the candidate really doesn’t get how to do a simple, or a complex (or thorough) virus removal. It is not as simple as most people think. Typically unless someone has been trained by a technician who really knows what they are doing, they themselves really don’t know the proper tools to use, or how to use them correctly (e.g. the anti-virus software that really work, how to effectively use a hard drive adapter kit so you don’t boot into windows but can read the drive and run virus scans, how to use Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Networking effectively to ensure success, etc.)

Even more importantly, most don’t get that we first and foremost have to be concerned with any sensitive data on the customer’s hard drive as a priority to recover, and then worry about the virus removal process. For most customers the data on their hard drive is a priority. As such, we always prioritize the data recovery and include questions surrounding this topic in our list of questions when we are “getting our arms around” the problem initially.

Lastly, most techs out there will only run one (or perhaps) two anti-virus applications on a computer, find some viruses, remove them, and then think they are all done – when in fact, they have only removed a minority of the malware on the hard drive and most likely still have some remnants of the malware, which are most likely to return in some fashion. These are the techs that will tell you they can do a virus removal in an hour or two. To truly do a thorough cleaning of a hard drive the proper way, you must run at least 4+ applications on your hard drive – which brings me back to the point that to do a proper virus removal takes anywhere from at least 3 hours, to as long as 24 hours depending on the depth of infection, how many files are on the hard drive and how powerful the machine is from a hardware standpoint.

We also recommend running a registry cleaner software such as RegCure to help optimize your PC’s performance and cut down on possible registry errors.

Feel free to call us to answer any questions you have – no obligation for free advice: 1-866-417-3945. It is our goal to help you achieve the peace of mind over your computer system, and the computer services company that assists you with your home or business IT infrastructure.

Technology to Relax

Technology to Relax…

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You clicked on an online banner by mistake, or you opened an email from an unknown sender, these and many more could cause your computer to get infected with malware; and it only gets worse when you do this on a computer connected to your office’s network. When one computer in a network gets infected with spyware or computer viruses, it is only a matter of time before every computer in your office gets infected. To prevent massive downtime and a lot of wasted money, you should get professional virus and spyware removal done on your computers.

When any kind of malware infects a computer you can be sure that you are in trouble. There are viruses that can corrupt your hard drive, rendering it completely useless, and all of the data it contained will be irrecoverable. And then there are spyware programs that will copy all of your passwords and important information, making it easy for someone to steal your identity and ruin you financially. These threats are real, and if you take a nonchalant stand against them then you have already lost.

If you own a multi-million dollar business conglomerate then odds are you already have a team of IT experts that will handle any computer-related threats. But what if you only have a handful of employees and none of them can be considered as “experts” when it comes to IT? Would you just resign to your fate and let your computers and the precious data they contain to completely vanish without a trace? Fortunately for you, there are plenty of companies out there who can help you when your precious company computers are at risk of getting completely destroyed from the inside.

You may think that you would not need any spyware or virus removal services because you already have an antivirus program installed in all of the computers in your network, but you thought wrong. There are hundreds of thousands of different malware programs out there, and they are multiplying even now, and not even the best antivirus program can protect you from all of them. Computer virus and spyware removal experts know how to track down what kind of malware they are dealing with, and they also know what kind of action they need to take get rid of the problem. If you value your computers and the precious data they contain, you should partner up with a good IT services provider as soon as you can.

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Everyone that has a PC remembers how it “used” to run back when it was new. Then slowly but surely over time, it seems to get progressively slower, and slower, and then many times it will actually start crashing by freezing up, or going to a blue screen (sometimes referred to the blue screen of death), or it crashes to the point where it either won’t even power up or you get a black screen with system errors and cannot even log into Windows.

Slow Computer
An Average Day At The Office

Do not fret there are solutions to this problem that are much more tranquil and cost-effective. First, you should understand why your computer is running slowly.

When you purchase your computer it is generally a pretty stripped down machine, pre-loaded with an operating system (e.g. Windows XP, Windows Vista, or more commonly now, Windows 7), and possibly some other smaller software applications like Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash Player, some sort of media player, possibly some variation of MS Office (e.g. MS Word, Power Point, Outlook, Excel, Access, etc.) in a trial version format and likewise with a security software trial version (e.g. McAfee, Norton, AVG, etc.)

These software applications then expand once you purchase the full version, and then install your printer software, then your iTunes, games, etc. All requiring hard drive disk space, and many of which will actually now start running when your system boots up along with Windows, causing them to run in the background which will chew up more and more of your RAM (random access memory) and processor resources – which are essentially the two primary components within a PC that will speed up or slow down a computer. Let us also not forget that over time, you will be downloading and installing updates to your software – especially your MS Windows updates, which will in turn take up more disk space and require more of your RAM and processor to manage this additional software – in turn hogging more and more of your computer’s resources just to run the PC instead of utilizing those resources to run the applications you are actively using.

So what to do about this??? There are many solutions out there. Some of the easy pointers I would like to share with you to keep your PC running optimally are:

  1. Run the Disk Cleanup about every 2 – 3 weeks on your computer, deleting old files and cooking which will help max the space on your hard drive
  2. Run the Disk Defragmenter right after running the Disk CeanUp (both these applications can be found in your System Tools folder within the Start menu
    Clean Up My Slow Computer
  3. Purchase a registry cleaning software (ever see those ads on TV claiming how they will speed up your computer – well this is what they are selling, but they’ll charge you way more than double to have some guy in India download and install it on your PC for you – don’t waste your money), this software will not only clean out registry errors, but it will correct many other operating system errors and optimize your PC.                                                                                          ——–>>>

Now – in the case that your PC is infected with malware (malicious software), which encompasses any virus, spyware, malware, trojan horses, worms, etc. This will also slow down you PC and these must be removed to prevent permanent damage to the software layer of your PC (your operating system and software applications), and sometime they can even attack the hardware layer (your RAM chips, hard drive or even your motherboard). In this case, you will need to most likely run other anti-virus, anti-malware softwares on your PC other than the one you already have installed. Let’s face it, none of them are infallible, but we all ry to put our best foot forward when protecting our home and business networking, PC’s and data in general.

So what to do when you already paid for a security software, or have installed a free version of one of what your friend told you was the best, but you still are getting pop-ups, or your home page has changed, or now there is another Anti-Virus software now telling me that my computer is infected with virus – or one of about 1,000 other scenarios. well, first things first – do not login into your online banking until you have this resolved. Or any other financial or investment tool until you have this resolved. My advice is to take it to a professional computer repair shop like our Boston computer repair shop, or contact a computer repair company that has a lot of expertise in virus removal and in many cases this can be done remotely if you are able to still get online. When I say “still” it is because many times virus will begin attacking your computer’s applications and processes, one of which is your ability to get online.

However, if you wish to attempt this yourself, there are some good free tools out there such as ComboFix, MalwareBytes, SuperAntiSpyware and free AVG. My one piece of advice is that if you don’t know what you are doing, then to take it to a professional computer repair services company that has been in business for years, carries insurance, and has a least a A- rating with the Better Business Bureau.

I hope this has been helpful :)

Click Here for the Best Computer Registry Cleaning Software

Click Here forL Best Computer Registry Cleaning Software

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A+ Mobile PC Doctors is now offering full service, on-site computer repair and networking services throughout southern Texas in Rio Grande Valley, TX. Call us directly at: 956-577-7386

We have been in business since 2002, carry full insurance through The Hartford, and have an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Some of the Information Technology (IT), onsite computer repair, networking and communication services we offer, but not limited to are

Virus removal
Rio Grande Valley Computer repair

Computer networking
Server set-up and Management
IT outsourcing
IT staffing
Multi-site management
Project roll-out (large and small scale)
Data recovery
Spyware removal
Laptop repair
LCD repair
DC jack repair
Hardware diagnostics and repair
PC Optimization
Software and operating system upgrades
Best in class Security Software
Low-voltage data cabling
Structured cabling
Telecommunications services and solutions
Smartboard procurement and installation (for schools and businesses)
Home and commercial grade wireless networking
Security camera and system installation
General computer support and maintenance
POS services
Training & more!

We have been in  business since 2002, and have advanced technicians that will work with you patiently, explain in “non-tech” terms what is going with your home or business computer in Rio Grande Valley, and/or your networks and any other tech support needs you might have.

Our goal is to serve you! Whether at your school, place of business, restaurant, small business, home, RV, mobile home and more!

Winter Texans welcome!

Rio Grande Valley, Texas Computer Service Areas:

Arroyo City Computer Repair
Brownsville Computer Repair
Dayton Computer Repair
Edinburg Computer Repair
Harlingen Computer Repair
Houston Computer Repair
Indian Lake Computer Repair
La Feria Computer Repair
Los Fresnos Computer Repair
McAllen Computer Repair
Mercedes Computer Repair
Mission Computer Repair
Pharr Computer Repair
Port Isabel Computer Repair
Raymondville Computer Repair
Rio Grande Valley Computer Repair
Rio Hondo Computer Repair
South Padre Island Computer Repair
Spring Computer Repair
The Woodlands Computer Repair
Weslaco Computer Repair

In addition we offer full internet and website design and development services such as:

Website design
Website hosting
Website development
Web engineering
SEO (Search engine optimization)
SEM (Search engine marketing)
Internet marketing
Logo and brand development
& More! Just ask :)

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A Sony Vaio currently in our Quincy MA computer repair location, is seriously infected with all kinds of malware ranging from Trojan Horses and adware to even more malicious worms and spyware.  The intent of most of this malware is to steal your identity.

What ultimately happens is that many viruses can attack you machine making it either go to a blue screen, or make it almost impossible to do anything on your computer because it is too slow or constantly freezing up.  Then the only choice is to find a local computer repair company to assist you, or junk the PC and buy new.

We have around a 95% success rate when we manually remove malware from any PC, regardless of the operating system. This means you don’t have to “wipe” or reformat the drive.

Pop ups galore and unmountable boot volumes can sometimes mean a full reformat and reinstallation of Windows, especially when the unit comes with Windows Vista. This is not the end of the world.

At the customer’s request we can create drive duplicates so that you do not lose any files once your hard drive is reformatted. Using several powerful deep scanning utilities, we ensure that no infections are carried over when your files are restored. Once again, this is only in the case that a reformat / Windows reinstall is absolutely necessary.

Experiencing such an event can remind you of how important backing up data can be. We have several solutions to help you to backup your data to make the recovery process run smoother in the future. With External drives and programs that automatically backup your drives periodically, we can help you to not lose any of your information. also, having the appropriate antivirus software can prevent the loss from occurring in the first place.

As a computer repair and IT services company, we do a lot of viurs removal and are constantly testing different anti-virus, anti-spyware (anti-malware) and computer security software. Some of the products that we demo on a regular basis are AVG, Symantec (Norton), Panda, Kasperski, Zone-Alarm, Computer Associates and McAfee.  We are aware that none of these are infallable, however, we have found that AVG’s paid version of their Anti-Virus software and the paid version of the AVG Internet Security 8.5 are the best the market has to offer.

On the flip-side we have noticed that on about 95% or more of all malware related issues, the PC is running some version of McAfee. We cannot endorse this product at all, and frankly are shocked that it is so widely used in today’s market, and endorsed by such large companies as AOL, Comcast, Verizon, Cox Communication, etc.

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