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You might think that modern telecommunications services like VoIP can only be used to place and receive phone calls, pretty much like what your old phones used to do, right? You might be pleasantly surprised to know that the VoIP service you just signed up for actually has more benefits than what you previously thought.

VoIP for Productivity

With old phone systems you need to have someone manning the phone lines so they can forward the calls to the right persons, but with VoIP things are made much simpler and easier for you to operate. With VoIP you can handle and monitor all of the outgoing and incoming calls using one computer; you no longer need to invest in an expensive and complicated machine.

Remote access

If you think your VoIP can only be used within your office, then you thought wrong. Thanks to high-speed and mobile internet, your staff can answer their office phone numbers even when they are out in the field or working from home. Your employees can either choose to answer their phone numbers through their computers (using a headset) or through their smartphones (which are basically palm-sized supercomputers).

They are cheaper… in the long run

Some business owners are adverse to using VoIP telecommunications solutions in their offices because the initial costs are too high. It is true though that the costs of having a new VoIP system installed can deal quite a huge blow to your operating expenses, you need to take a look at it at the long run. How much does it cost to make long-distance calls using your old landlines? If you add the numbers up, you will find that the VoIP solutions is actually more cost-effective.

Mind-blowing features

There are plenty of features that VoIP systems have that can blow your mind away. For instance, you may know that your VoIP systems can easily record voicemail and you can access your messages through your company email; but did you know that you can actually use your system to transcribe your voice messages so you can use it as a form of documentation? This feature can be pretty handy when you need to settle a dispute between you and some of your customers.

Do not be afraid to try something new once in a while; although your old phone system has been with your company from the very beginning, accept the fact that you need to keep up with modern technology if you want your company to thrive in this modern age.

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You need to keep abreast with all of the latest telecommunications services out there if you want your company to stay afloat in this highly competitive market; fortunately, there are so many solutions providers out there you can choose from. And, when you are comparing the different companies, here are a couple of questions you may want to field their way so you can gauge how much their services will benefit your business:

Do they understand your needs?

A salesperson will go off prattling about what makes their telecommunications services better than their competitors, but do you really need the kind of services they are talking about? Keep in mind that you are the customer, so they need to understand what you need and should be pitching some ideas that can make your business run more efficiently. You can explain to the company representative what your line of business deals in and they should in turn give you some suggestions on how they can help make things easier for you.

Do they know exactly what they are talking about?

It can be a bit disappointing if you ask the sales representative a question regarding their services and they have to consult their brochures, or worse they cannot even give an honest answer to your inquiries. If the representative of the business telecommunications solutions provider can only provide you with very vague explanations then you may get stuck in a contract that does not even come close to your expectations. The sales representative should be able to give you with a precise answer to all of your questions, and he should be able to do so with confidence.

What kinds of services can you expect from them?

These days business telecommunications services offer more than just the usual telephone lines and internet connections, so the company you need to ask what kinds of solutions other than the usual can they provide. You need to look beyond the contract length and how much you will be spending for the services, keep in mind that you are doing this to improve your own business, so you need to invest in cutting edge technology. For instance, does the company you are speaking with provide services like apps for smartphones and other mobile devices? Do they have video conferencing tools so you can speak with your clients and suppliers even if they are halfway across the country?

If you can find a telecommunications solutions provider that can provide you with substantial answers to all your questions, then they just might be what you have been looking for.

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If you still insist on sticking to the old-fashioned way of doing business then you would not last long in today’s competitive market; and one of the best ways to improve your chances of making huge amounts of profits nowadays is by availing of modern telecommunications solutions like business VoIP.

You may have already heard about VoIP, but what you know about this technology might only be limited to its residential uses. Sure, it is true that you stand to save a lot of money when you switch from a regular landline to a VoIP phone for your business; and to tell you the truth, savings is not even one of the biggest benefits that you can look forward to.


These days, communication is more important in running a successful business than ever before. You need to have an open line of communication with your clients wherever you are, and with VoIP services, anyone can dial your company phone number and you can answer their calls even when you are not in the office. This way you do not even have to give people your personal mobile phone number when they need to get in touch with you, they just need to remember just one number.

Collaborative features

These days, thanks to high speed internet, you do not even have to be in the same boardroom if you want to collaborate with other people. With the videoconferencing feature of modern VoIP systems, you can have a meeting with other people from the other side of the country without leaving your own office; the file sharing feature can also be of much help because you and the other participants can make your own revisions to the proposals in real time, this saves a lot of time and energy as compared to the old ways of doing meetings.

Virtual Numbers

One of the best features of VoIP services are “virtual numbers”. This is a feature that allows you to choose numbers that is accessible for different area codes, and depending on your service provider, you can even get a number for different country codes. With virtual numbers, your clients or business contacts from overseas can give you a call and they need not worry about additional long-distance charges.

The age of the traditional telephone landline is coming to an end, and it would be best for you and your business to jump ship over to VoIP telecommunications solutions as soon as you can if you want your business to stay afloat.

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Enterprise VoIP services are the business-grade versions of the VoIP systems used in private residences and in some small businesses, but this version of internet telephony provides a lot more features like PBX (private branch exchange) capabilities, conference calls, desk-to-desk calls, and others. This form of business telecommunication solutions is pretty much the same as the old fashioned phone systems that came into fashion many years ago, but enterprise VoIP has many more modern features and it also provides a much higher level of security so confidential conversations within the company can and will stay confidential.

If you are thinking of rolling out an enterprise VoIP system in your company, here are the steps to successfully integrate this modern form of telephony without too much hassle:

1. Decide whether your voice and data networks should be converged into one or kept separate. Both options have their own benefits, it is up to you whether you choose one over the other.

2. If you choose to integrate your voice and data into one network, then you should get the services of a good national IT services company to assess whether your current cabling can provide the kind of bandwidth your business needs.

3. You need to make sure that your existing cables are up to the task. Today’s standard for network cabling is CAT 5e, but CAT 6 is slowly but surely catching up and may one day become the standard. You need to get a professional to check if the condition of your cables are still alright and if you need to replace or upgrade them.

4. Only use enterprise-level anti-malware software on all of your servers and connected computers to the network. You should never let up on network security because the stakes are too high to take lightly; if malware were to infect even one of your network computers and spread throughout the entire system it could result in millions of dollars worth of data getting lost.

5. Ensure that your SIP trunklines have dedicated bandwidth allocations. There are some VoIP providers who can allocate additional bandwidth when it is required by the network, this is usually used for voice traffic.

6. Make sure that QoS routers are used end-to-end, meaning that your VoIP provider is using a QoS router as well. This will make call quality much better and more consistent.

With these steps and the help of a professional telecommunications services company you can expect the transition from the traditional telephony system to modern VoIP will be as painless as it could be.

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You may need to consider giving your office telecommunications system a complete upgrade so it can keep up with your company’s growth and its ever increasing needs. This is why you need to look for a company that offers the best business telecommunications solutions to push your company towards the future.

If you have no idea what to look for in a good business telecommunications company, then the following questions may just help in your search:

What brands do you carry?

The most reliable phone brands for business use come from either Samsung or Toshiba, so you might want to go with companies who offer these brands in terms of hardware. But if you are not really picky with the brand of phone you will be using, then you should at least find out if the company’s technicians are actually very knowledgeable about the brands they have to offer.

What packages do they offer?

It is typical for a company providing telecommunications services to offer product bundles, and these are much cheaper than getting them separately. But before you decide on anything, you need to find out what kinds of services your company actually needs, you do not want the salesperson to run up your bill by offering you services you do not really need.

How many phone lines do you need?

You need to figure out how many separate phone lines your company needs beforehand so you can get a quick price estimate from the company representative. You should also ask the representative if there is an additional charge if you want to add more phone lines later on, and how much they would cost you.

Do they offer mobile telecommunications solutions?

If most of your work is done in the field then you need a telecommunications system that enables you to reach your people even when they are not inside the office. One of the most useful features you may want to consider getting is the application that forwards voice messages to the recipient’s email.

How do they deal with emergencies?

Ask the company representative what they can do to help you when you are faced with a sudden emergency, like a power outage or when their system failed for some unknown reason; ask them how they plan to handle these kinds of emergencies and how fast they can restore the system.

Keep in mind that telecommunications is the backbone of your business so you should not haphazardly choose just any company you stumble upon.

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