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You clicked on an online banner by mistake, or you opened an email from an unknown sender, these and many more could cause your computer to get infected with malware; and it only gets worse when you do this on a computer connected to your office’s network. When one computer in a network gets infected with spyware or computer viruses, it is only a matter of time before every computer in your office gets infected. To prevent massive downtime and a lot of wasted money, you should get professional virus and spyware removal done on your computers.

When any kind of malware infects a computer you can be sure that you are in trouble. There are viruses that can corrupt your hard drive, rendering it completely useless, and all of the data it contained will be irrecoverable. And then there are spyware programs that will copy all of your passwords and important information, making it easy for someone to steal your identity and ruin you financially. These threats are real, and if you take a nonchalant stand against them then you have already lost.

If you own a multi-million dollar business conglomerate then odds are you already have a team of IT experts that will handle any computer-related threats. But what if you only have a handful of employees and none of them can be considered as “experts” when it comes to IT? Would you just resign to your fate and let your computers and the precious data they contain to completely vanish without a trace? Fortunately for you, there are plenty of companies out there who can help you when your precious company computers are at risk of getting completely destroyed from the inside.

You may think that you would not need any spyware or virus removal services because you already have an antivirus program installed in all of the computers in your network, but you thought wrong. There are hundreds of thousands of different malware programs out there, and they are multiplying even now, and not even the best antivirus program can protect you from all of them. Computer virus and spyware removal experts know how to track down what kind of malware they are dealing with, and they also know what kind of action they need to take get rid of the problem. If you value your computers and the precious data they contain, you should partner up with a good IT services provider as soon as you can.

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A HP Pavillion latop currently in our Boston computer repair shop in Back Bay this morning with serious issues. We quickly discovered that the PC was showing symptoms of infectious malware ranging from Trojan Horses and adware to even more malicious worms and spyware.  The intent of most of this malware (malicious software) is to steal your identity, credit card(s), or just simply to wreak havoc on your operating system and programs (software layer), or sometimes physically attack your system components (hardware layer).

Virus Removal in Boston

Virus Removal in Boston

What ultimately happens is that many viruses can attack you machine making it either go to a blue screen, or make it almost impossible to do anything on your computer because it is too slow or constantly freezing up.  Then the only choice is to find a local computer repair company to assist you, or junk the PC and buy new.

We have around a 95% success rate when we manually remove malware from any PC, regardless of the operating system. This means you don’t have to backup your existing data (quarantine it and clean it to ensure you are not carrying any of the infected files when you put them back on your drive later on) to “wipe” or reformat the drive, then reinstall everything from the operating system, drives, Windows updates, your security software (AVG, Norton, etc.), MS Office (if you use MS Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook, etc.), and specialty software you might use (e.g. QuickBooks, Photoshop, peripheral device software, etc.), your printer(s), VPN’s etc. and then ultimately your files that you backed-up and cleaned from the old infected drive. Whew!

Pop ups galore and unmountable boot volumes can sometimes mean a full reformat and reinstallation of Windows, especially when the unit comes with Windows Vista or Windows 7. This is not the end of the world.

At the customer’s request we can create drive duplicates so that you do not lose any files once your hard drive is reformatted. Using several powerful deep scanning utilities, we ensure that no infections are carried over when your files are restored. Once again, this is only in the case that a reformat / Windows reinstall is absolutely necessary.

Experiencing such an event can remind you of how important backing up data can be. We have several solutions to help you to backup your data to make the recovery process run smoother in the future. With External drives and programs that automatically backup your drives periodically, we can help you to not lose any of your information. also, having the appropriate anti-virus software can prevent the loss from occurring in the first place.

As a computer repair and Boston computer repair company, we do a lot of virus removal and are constantly testing different anti-virus, anti-spyware (anti-malware) and computer security software. Some of the products that we demo on a regular basis are AVG, Symantec (Norton), Panda, Kasperski, Zone-Alarm, Computer Associates and McAfee.  We are aware that none of these are infallible, however, we have found that AVG’s paid version of their Anti-Virus software and the paid version of the AVG Internet Security 8.5 are the best the market has to offer.

On the flip-side we have noticed that on about 95% or more of all malware related issues, the PC is running some version of McAfee. We cannot endorse this product, and frankly are shocked that it is so widely used in today’s market, and endorsed by such large companies as Dell, AOL, Comcast, Verizon, Cox Communication, etc.

IMPORTANT: It is also a good idea to run a good Registry Cleaning Software on your computer periodically, and especially after doing a virus removal. There are several good Registry Cleaner / PC Optimization softwares on the market, however, from our research we have found RegCure to be one of the best, and relatively inexpensive.

Click Here for the Best Computer Registry Cleaning Software

Click Here for Best Computer Registry Cleaning Software

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The downright ridiculous has just become a reality.

Minority Report

Minority Report

Gesture-based computer technology has just been developed by an MIT grad student named Pranav Mistry. It’s similar to the special effects -rendered computer that Tom Cruise used in Minority Report. If you don’t feel like watching the video, some of the coolest features of this new technology are, oh yes, the ability to project images on the wall like Tom Cruise, take pictures without a camera by using the “snapshot” gesture, dial a telephone number on the surface of your palm, pick up a book at a book store and instantly pull up and project reviews from the Internet, scan a newspaper and project available video of current headlines (how reminiscent of Harry Potter!), and as Mistry demonstrates, to play Pong with friends on the floor of the Red Line.

The newest, most exciting technology is constantly bubbling up out of Boston’s higher education campuses. There are so many computer repair shops out there, but for professional service and reliable results, only A+ Mobile PC Doctors is the best for Boston computer repair. We’ll come directly to your home or office and serve all of your computer repair needs. Virus removal is a common problem, and there are a ton of precautions that a person can take — but every once in awhile, a virus can get past even the most reliable software. For laptop repair, A+ Mobile PC Doctors is your best bet.

Visit A+ Mobile PC Doctors or call us toll free at 1-866-417-3945 to speak directly to one of our insured computer technicians.

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