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People new to wireless computing often confuse WiFi technology with cellular phone technology. The wireless capability built-into laptops is known as WiFi, and is defined by the IEEE standard for networking,

Wireless Networking Services

Wireless Networking Services

(802.11b/g/n and sometimes y), where “b” is an older, slower standard, and “g” is the most widely used. Faster and more powerful versions, “n” and “y” have been defined for some time but were only implemented in laptop hardware very recently. WiFi technology relies on low power transceivers built-into both the laptop and the modem/router that brings high speed Internet into your home or workplace. WiFi may also be transmitted through stand-alone routers or repeaters (access points) that are hard wired to a high speed network. The range of the current WiFi networks is very low, on the order 100ft (30m) within a structure, depending on the construction, and not more than a few hundred feet (100m) in the open air.

Not surprisingly, the first problem most new laptop owners encounter with trying to connect to a wireless network is that their WiFi has inadvertently been switched off. The next most common problem is that the signal strength is too weak to hold a connection. This can be extremely confusing if the network is working fine for a person sitting at the next table, but that laptop might have a more sensitive receiver, be set in just the right location, or even be accessing a different network. When you’re troubleshooting a wireless connection, it makes sense to get as close to the router as you can, certainly in the same room if it’s in your own home, so you can eliminate signal strength as a possible issue.

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I’m hoping you don’t have an account on Blippy.com, because if you do you’re in danger of having your credit card information stolen. Blippy.com is a new social networking site for online shopping that isn’t doing a very good job of keeping its customers’ credit card numbers and names under wraps. Equals identity theft. Case in point, this Google search results screenshot courtesy of Gizmodo.com:

Yep, Nate Marshall and Bradd Dantuma should probably consider dumping all of the funds out of their debit card accounts because their full names and credit card numbers are now on the web for all to see. Most of the tech websites that are buzzing about Blippy.com recommend that if you DO have a Blippy account, disable it immediately.

On that note, here are some computer security tips from A+ Mobile PC Doctors, an onsite computer repair company in Boston that has been the area’s top source for efficient computer repair services in Boston since 2002.

  • Make sure all your computer security programs are up-to-date.
  • When accessing public wifi, DON’T go shopping or log into your online banking account!
  • Don’t copy-paste passwords or other sensitive information. It’s easy for websites to steal the information you’ve left on your clipboard. Find out how to disable this on Internet Explorer.

For more computer security tips and computer repair tips, bookmark the Computer Repair Services Blog.

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You’re in your basement, it’s two in the morning, and your wireless DIES right in the middle of a great hand of online poker. You curse your feeble wireless router’s inability to extend beyond the first floor of your home. Why, God, WHY?!

Signal strength on different brands of wireless routers can vary. Yet, no wireless router is perfect. Linksys and other brands of wireless routers come with default software that sometimes just don’t cut it. Here are a few things that you can do to extend your WiFi signal.

  • Install open-source firmware called Tbor 15C, which will allow you to boost your wireless signal power from a default of 50% to 100%.
  • Buy an antenna kit for your wireless router.
  • Buy a Hi-Gain USB Wireless-G Adaptor (above), which will extend your wireless reach by 300%. Aim it in any direction and get farther reach with your signal. This is helpful if you’re trying to get access from one building to another. Plugs into your USB.

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