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Multi-Location IT Service Providers

Multi-Location IT Services

Many IT Departments struggle with managing multiple locations nationally and internationally forming a demand for a multi-location IT service provider that acts as a single source point-of-contact (POC), offering a wide array of onsite computer, networking and data communications services in an ongoing day-to-day support capacity and as their IT infrastructure continues to develop over time.

Some of the ongoing operational onsite IT functions that need to be addressed are:

  • Ad-hoc break-fix computer and networking services (this ranges from very simple computer repair, installation and maintenance services such as hard drive, tower and monitor swaps, and actual computer repair to printer repair and more complex networking issues such connectivity issues, switches/racks/patch panels/firewall/routers and access points that are offline or need to be installed, reconfigured, moved, maintained and cabling may need to be re-run or re-terminated)
  • Server installation and maintenance
  • Wireless networks, smart buildings – installation, maintenance and expansion
  • Low-voltage data cabling services: Adding new cable runs within and office, upgrading cable (e.g. all types of Cat5 & Cat6 cable and Fiber Optics), new location hardware layer installation and maintenance
  • Telecommunication services: Maintenance of existing (analog or VoIP) phone system. Programming of phone systems when there may be a glitch and installation of new/upgraded phone systems (e.g. when moving from analog to VoIP)
  • A/V (audio visual) equipment such as TV’s, interactive whiteboards (e.g. Smartboards, Teamboards, etc.), video projectors, sound systems (including XM radio systems), surveillance systems, etc. installation and maintenance
  • Project management for upgrades (e.g the recent Windows 7 upgrades that many companies have already done or in process), new site builds, office moves and relocations, company and new site acquisitions (e.g. site surveys and then conforming the new locations to company standards) and mergers
  • IT staffing for longer engagements such as part or full-time help desk support, data center management, short or longer-term projects…

There are some multi-location IT service providers, however, one of the pain points we have recognized is the need for dedicated account managers and redundancy for the dedicated IT services account managers in case the primary account manager is unavailable (personal day, vacation, etc). At A+ Mobile Techs we have developed a system whereby we assign dedicated account managers from the beginning of a business relationship that truly get to know a client’s staff, general operations, and of course their IT infrastructure (hardware, software, service call workflow, operations, etc).

Another of the pain points we have recognized over time and addressed is the need for the dedicated and support account managers to actually be at least Level 2 to Level 3 technicians with years of proven field experience, excellent oral and written communications skills, be superbly organized, reliable, highly educated, excel in fast-paced environments and overall just easy to work and get along with (good people). These are qualities that we as a company look for when hiring account managers. When providing account managers to clients that are also technicians, we are able to minimize the amount of ticket escalation due to technical issues or other related technical problems that otherwise we may have to escalate within our clients’ organizations. This not only cuts down on the workload for our clients, but it speeds up resolution times increasing efficiency and ultimately saves money!

Additionally, when selecting a multi-location IT services provider with a dedicated account manager, there are many other benefits that speed up time to resolution such as ticket or work order routing and time until the technician is onsite. Lastly, when it comes to invoicing and payments, by receiving only one bill from one IT service provider, the time you spend to review the invoice (your IT department) and your accounts payable department will not have to spend nearly as much time processing payments – and if there are any questions they do not have to make multiple calls/emails, just one – which of course saves time and time is money!

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The industry of notebook computers is one of amazing flexibility and amazing comfort. These are some of the things that people enjoy so much about this sort of machine, and why these are so popular. The following information is designed to help you make the right choice when you visit acquire one of your personal.

Be sure you understand how much area the laptop will have. This should be anything you can either read through where by you’re getting it, or something you may well ask to the person offering it. This signifies what you can store on your computer. You would like so that you can have something that you can work with if you want a lot of space for stuff like video files.

When viewing laptops, truly look at power supply. As this is an on-the-go device, the quantity of battery you might have is very important. A laptop that only receives two or three hrs of life of the battery might be of no real use to you personally if you’re continually on the road. Weigh power in opposition to life of the battery meticulously.

Whilst purchasing a laptop computer over the Internet is usually considered to be secure, you will need to consider which will assistance your unit once the time will come. Delivering it to the owner or straight to the manufacturer indicates you should go without the need of your notebook for days, at least. Think about a nearby retailer if you can obtain a large amount, and have fewer worries about maintenance.

Understand what operating-system you desire on your own new laptop computer. So that you can reduce costs, a few of the great deal companies will not place House windows on their new notebook computers. Understand what operating-system will be installed on your laptop, and know whether or not which is suitable for the things you want to make use of the laptop for.

Should you be searching for a budget notebook computer, close to $400-600, know what to expect for that money. The notebook will often made from less costly plastic, less long lasting as some other supplies. Your choice of shades may possibly minimal. A financial budget laptop computer may have a fairly tiny hard drive and set up storage.

Assess your options available with distinct laptop computers. Find out which types feature a USB port, HDMI dock as well as an SD slot. A USB 3. dock will make your laptop or computer functionality faster. The HDMI port enables you to hook up your laptop to your tv. An SD card provides you with an very easily easily removed storing card for electronic digital pictures.

If you are looking for the notebook, take into account the flash cache size for long term functionality. Display cache is just not quite as fast as an SSD, however you are experiencing faster boot instances and it will be easy to keep a great deal of information on the sizeable hard disk. Currently you can get flash cache styles including 8-32GB.

Consider the keyboard. There exists very little a whole lot worse than purchasing a new laptop computer to locate how the key-board is actually a soreness. In the event the secrets take time and effort to use, or way too near together, they might not be comfy for weighty tapping. Though you could add-on the computer keyboard, you might like to check the one you will be acquiring by keying in into it.

They way you utilize your laptop computer is a vital affect. Some are aimed at video game enjoy, and some are definitely more enterprise orientated. You need to find a personal computer which has been created with your unique demands at heart.

When you can only manage one up grade on your notebook computer, look at an extended life battery. A prolonged daily life electric battery can prevent you from simply being linked with an electrical power wall socket for 6 hours or more, significance your laptop computer is progressively easily transportable and may be used anyplace. You can expect to thank your self for spending any additional cash the 1st time you journey along with your pc.

Observe your offered storage for the laptop. Doing this will tell you when it is time to eliminate programs that you do not use to enable you to free up area. When much more memory space is left available, this also assists your laptop manage quicker.

Think about the computer mouse. each notebook has a single. You might effortlessly ignore this important feature, and see you do not just like the 1 you ended up with. There are many forms of built in computer mouse kinds. From track pad to follow ball. Find one that may be secure that will help you.

Utilize this details to help you truly feel more experienced in computer systems. It is vital that you know where you can go shopping and things to get. You need a laptop which matches what you require.

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Data Cabling ServicesIn these modern times, every business needs a reliable cabling system to handle their voice and data needs, and if you do not want any untoward delay in your operations due to a massive system failure then you should only get the services of reliable structured data cabling services. As the years pass, more and more technological innovations seem to pop out of the woodwork, and this is all the more reason why you should get a cabling system that can manage all of these new devices and infrastructures so your business can reap all of their benefits.

Why choose structured cabling?

As the name suggests, structured data cabling provides you with an organized system that you can connect all of your important office devices with each other. If you opt for a cheap cabling installation, then there is a huge chance that most, if not the entire system may not be able to function at its fullest; and if you are not making full use of your data network, then you can akin it to throwing money in the toilet.

A good structured cabling system will enable all of your data and voice equipment to interact with each other the way that they are meant to. You can also expect a good cabling system to be able to function properly for many years to come, it should also be able to provide you with provisions for expansion should you need it.

How should the cabling get installed?

Different companies have different needs, and this is also the same with structured cabling systems. So during your consultation with your chosen low-voltage data cabling services, you need to ascertain that they know your company’s particular needs and expectations; and they should also be aware of the local ordinances regarding the kind of project they will be undertaking.

How to find the right structured cabling services?

To make sure that you are dealing with reputable structured and low-voltage data cabling services you need to look for a couple of important details; like finding out if they are using modern and high quality materials, and if they in partnership with reputable leaders in the cabling industry. You can also check out the companies’ references for past clients so you can get a bit of feedback about them; if you hear mostly good things, then you have a keeper in your hands.

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People new to wireless computing often confuse WiFi technology with cellular phone technology. The wireless capability built-into laptops is known as WiFi, and is defined by the IEEE standard for networking,

Wireless Networking Services

Wireless Networking Services

(802.11b/g/n and sometimes y), where “b” is an older, slower standard, and “g” is the most widely used. Faster and more powerful versions, “n” and “y” have been defined for some time but were only implemented in laptop hardware very recently. WiFi technology relies on low power transceivers built-into both the laptop and the modem/router that brings high speed Internet into your home or workplace. WiFi may also be transmitted through stand-alone routers or repeaters (access points) that are hard wired to a high speed network. The range of the current WiFi networks is very low, on the order 100ft (30m) within a structure, depending on the construction, and not more than a few hundred feet (100m) in the open air.

Not surprisingly, the first problem most new laptop owners encounter with trying to connect to a wireless network is that their WiFi has inadvertently been switched off. The next most common problem is that the signal strength is too weak to hold a connection. This can be extremely confusing if the network is working fine for a person sitting at the next table, but that laptop might have a more sensitive receiver, be set in just the right location, or even be accessing a different network. When you’re troubleshooting a wireless connection, it makes sense to get as close to the router as you can, certainly in the same room if it’s in your own home, so you can eliminate signal strength as a possible issue.

If you are facing any wireless connectivity issue feel free to contact your trusted nationwide IT services provider for any technical assistance

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