The idea of outsourcing your IT department usually scares a lot of people, first and foremost those that work in your IT department. This is for a good reason. IT outsourcing does cut overhead costs substantially when done correctly, which ultimately could threaten some of your IT staff’s jobs.

As a small IT services company, or sometimes referred to as a Boston computer repair & networking company, we have many clients both large and small that choose to utilize our Boston based service technicians on a part time basis for projects and/or multi-site management. An example of when this may be fitting for a company is when there is not a daily need for an on-site computer technician to be available to troubleshoot and repair every-day problems, especially when running in an environment using Citrix or cloud computing – which allows for most repairs to be done remotely (for example out of a company’s headquarters), but needs more of a break-fix / on-site troubleshooting and repair technician type of a local resource. And without having to endure the increasingly over-bearing travel costs of flying in a representative (and the time it takes for one to travel via plane) or having a “regional” rep travel half a day or more to get to one of their sites. We also see many times that the old expression “when it rains it ours” holds very true in IT in the sense that many times in multiple locations many things go wrong at the same time or within a day of each other, and for our clients knowing that they have a resource such as ourselves with multiple techs in every coverage area, we are able to handle the workload.

Another example would be for project type work such as regional upgrades, or data center migrations, management and/or build-outs for data centers. In these instances it also proves to be more cost effective to outsource your IT staffing on a temporary basis to another company that has the computer repair technicians already on staff and ready to staff your project with very short notice for shorter or longer-term projects rather than hiring new employees, having to insure them, and then when the project finishes having to either terminate them (possibly leaving bad blood in your wake) or keeping them on staff increasing your overhead when you perhaps do not have enough work for them.

These are just two small instances that allow larger companies to focus on bigger picture items and move their company forward while relying on cost-effect computer service solutions by using IT outsourcing.

Words from an experienced Boston computer repair IT services technician. Not a Geek!

If you have any questions for our Boston computer repair service and networking tech support team, we would be happy to discuss how our IT staffing and IT outsourcing solutions can work for you and your company to deliver a positive ROI by majorly cutting down on your overhead without cutting back on your IT infrastructure. Give us a call at 617-723-1986.

Also, you could head to our Boston Computer Repair & Networking, Virus Removal page on, a company that promotes local services. We have found to be a reputable site and advocate what they are doing to deliver quality content to the general public.