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Have you ever tripped on your laptop power cable? Or dropped your laptop and now your laptop will not charge? Or possibly you now need to wiggle the AC Adapter cable where it plugs into the female port (the DC Power Jack) in the back or on the side of your laptop to get at least (or in some instances, at most) intermittent connection allowing electricity to flow to the PC?

Any way you cut it, this can be very frustrating and can cause you a major inconvenience especially if the laptop is dead and you need to access files that are on that computer which can sometimes lead to a more expensive data recovery computer laptop repair service once your battery runs out just to access your files until you can get the DC power jack repaired. The fact that your computer is not getting power  is most likely due to one of two or two of two things:

1. The actual power cable and/or the AC Adapter Cable -that plugs into your laptop is damaged and it needs to be replaced
2. Damage has been occurred to the DC power jack, which is what the male port on the end of the AC adapter cable plugs into. The DC power jack actually resides on the motherboard and allows electrical current to flow to the laptop.

AC Adapter w/ Power Cable

AC Adapter w/ Power Cable

Power Jack Repair

DC Power Jack Repair

Most computer repair shops do offer some laptop repair services, however, many of these computer repair shops do not offer the DC Power Jack Repair services in-house as it is a more complex repair requires a high level of expertise with laptops since the laptop needs to be disassembled to access the motherboard, ability to solder and not your every day run of the mill tech possesses these skills.

Our Boston computer repair shop is one of the few locations that does offer DC Power Jack Repair in eastern MA, and we do all the work in-house, not sent out to another company or location. We offer DC power jack repair services for Toshiba, Dell, HP, Sony Vaio, Lenovo. Thinkpad, Gateway, Acer, Asus, Mac and all Apple laptops in Boston MA. Also, depending on your computer make and model and our available stock we can preform a DC jack repair on the same day or for next day pickup.

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A Lenovo laptop repair that recently came through our Boston computer repair shop had a “no power to laptop” issue as it would not take a charge from the power cable.  After first ruling out that the power cable and A/C Adapter (these are the two cables that run from a laptop to the electrical outlet) are not faulty, we

Laptop jack repair on a Lenovo laptop

Laptop jack repair on a Lenovo laptop

then inspected the connection from the A/C adapter cable to the actual laptop and noticed a slightly loose connection with the DC jack (the internal component that you plug the A/C Adapter power cable into on a laptop).  The suspected resolution was a DC jack repair where we would re-solder the jack onto the motherboard or to purchase a new laptop jack cord, depending on what type of DC jack the laptop had beneath its cover and the damage to the actual jack and possibly even to the motherboard.  However, if re-soldering or buying a DJ jack cord did not fix the issue, then there may have been a short circuit on the motherboard itself which means the motherboard would have to be replaced.  Therefore, the laptop was taken in for a diagnostic.

After carefully taking apart the Lenovo and inspecting the DJ jack cord that it encapsulated, a multi-meter was used to measure the voltages at each end to ensure proper connection, which indeed revealed a grounded wire as the issue.  Fortunately, instead of purchasing a new DJ jack cord, a re-soldering of the cord onto the plug fixed the issue.  After notifying the customer, this task was completed and the laptop was powering on. Computer repair problem resolved within 24 hours – nice!!

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A college student living in Brookline MA had trouble getting his Acer laptop to turn on. He initially thought that the problem was the power adaptor, which had spent three years bumping around the bottom of his backpack, and had probably suffered some damage. He purchased a new one, plugged it in, and after the computer failed to turn on he realized it was not the power adaptor as he had thought. He spoke to one of our technicians about a DC jack laptop repair service in Boston, and we arranged to pick up the laptop that same day.

A laptop is powered by AC and DC power. AC means alternating current, and DC means direct current. A laptop’s power cord carries high voltage alternating current electricity from an outlet into the AC adaptor. AC power cannot directly power a laptop, so the AC adaptor converts the electricity into low voltage DC power that is carried to the end of the cord and into the DC port on the side of the laptop.

When a laptop has trouble turning on or charging, it can generally mean a broken AC adaptor, or a broken jack within the DC port. In the student’s case, he determined that it was not the AC adaptor. One of our technicians double-checked his finding by testing his AC adaptor for charge. The AC adaptor had a charge, so the cause was the DC port. A broken DC port may require a technician to re-solder the device or replace a part. The technician attempted re-soldering the DC port, and that did the trick as far as getting current to the motherboard. However, our technicians noticed that the jack was still very loose when plugged into the power cord, which told him that he needed to replace the DC jack component on the motherboard. We returned the student’s laptop to him the next day.

There are dozens of websites on the Internet that offer to fix DC port problems on laptops. The sites often require the customer to pack his laptop in a bubbly envelope and mail it across the country. Factoring in the time it takes to mail the computer, fix the computer, and mail it back, this process can take as long as three weeks. Three weeks without a laptop is a huge inconvenience for a student, professional, or even for someone who occasionally uses their laptop to keep in touch with friends and family. As one can imagine, mailing a heavy laptop can be pretty pricey. And it can be incredibly nerve-racking to trust several mail carriers as well as an unfamiliar company. A+ Mobile PC Doctors is a fully insured computer repair company serving the Boston area and all of New England, as well as several other states across the US. We provide on-site computer repair and will even arrange to pick up your laptop or computer for in-shop repair. Call us at 1-866-417-3945 to speak with a technician. A DC port failure is a common problem, and we aim to promptly fix the problem and return your laptop as soon as possible.

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