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Check out these cool Google Chrome extensions and extras recommended by one of our computer techs in Memphis. A+ Mobile PC Doctors is a leader in the computer repair Memphis market.

Internet Explorer Tab – Now you don’t have to wait to open the archaic Internet Explorer — just click the IE tab and your current page will load as it shows on Internet Explorer. Great for sites that only display properly on IE, web designers, and email clients whose features only work on IE.

Google Similar Pages Chrome Extension

Google Similar Pages Chrome Extension

Google Similar Pages Tab – [Pictured] A cool tool, whether you use it as a distraction tactic at work or to check out your competitors’ websites.

Chromicious Tab – A Delicious add-on which allows you to save pages into your Delicious account. A great bookmark add-on for those of us who want a simple way to organize our thousands of bookmarks by tags.

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Our technician Jessica is working in the Houston computer repair and Dayton computer repair markets. She recently passed on this Open Office tip to a business client.

Texas computer repair

Texas computer repair

“One of the company’s employees preferred to use Open Office for word processing rather than Microsoft Office, which the rest of the office was using. By default, Open Office saves documents in its native format, .sxw. It’s always an option to save a document in any format, including .doc. However, the employee wanted the program to save his documents in .doc form by default. We set up his computer to complete the task; here’s a rundown on what we did.”

  1. Click on Tools and then Options.
  2. Open Load/Save on the left side of the window.
  3. Click on General under the Load/Save section.
  4. In the area labeled as “Default file format” near the bottom of the dialog window, select the type of document you want, for example, Text Document for Writer files, in the Document Type drop-down list.
  5. To the right dropdown list labeled as “Always Save As”, change or select the format as “Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP.”
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    One of our Boston computer repair technicians recently had an interesting experience with one of the computers in the office.

    This week, a number of desktops and laptops were brought into the office due to a whole spectrum of hardware and software failures.  Most of these systems had virus infections and hard drive issues. Others needed LCD and other parts replacements.

    One particularly interesting project was with a particular system that would crash every system it was linked to. A diabolical computer with an agenda for destruction. We shortly figured out the issue and restored the system back to normal. This is a type of unusual happening, but it does get fixed and it is what makes the job so interesting!

    Now it is coming to the holiday weekend, and though I have had enough hot weather for this week as the AC in shop has recently been repaired, I am looking forward to the summer weather and resting up for another busy week in the office.

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    Tip #1: Refrain from letting your toddler eat cereal next to your laptop.

    Tip #1: Refrain from letting your toddler eat cereal next to your laptop.

    To extend the life of your laptop computer or desktop computer, follow these computer maintenance tips from A+ Mobile PC Doctors, the most trusted computer repair company in Boston.

    • To cut down on temperature changes and dust affecting your computer, create a “summer home” for your laptop or desktop that is away from open windows and air vents. Especially now that it is getting warmer, a combination of hot outdoor air, frigid air conditioning, and airborne dust and particles can really mess with your hardware.
    • Uninstall programs that you’re not using instead of just deleting them. This will free up space and will prevent errors from improperly trashing the programs.
    • Reboot. Can you remember the last time you shut down and restarted? Rebooting will reset the RAM and make your computer run faster.
    • Clear your web history to free up memory.

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    Even though you might be aware of the consequences of being the victim of an online security breach, your kids could be clueless. Chances are, they might have little to lose, because what kid really has a bank account, credit card, or hundreds of documents that could be lost due to a virus or hack? But think about it. Because you probably use the same computer, your child’s actions could be putting all of your personal files at risk. Here are a few things you can do to safeguard the family computer.

    1. Brainstorm a hard-to-crack password. A recent news article revealed the easiest passwords to hack — among them “123456,” “Password,” “abc123,” and “Princess.” Ask your kids what their passwords are, and if they seem obvious, come up with a better 6-letter code.

    2. Warn them about phishing. Ask if they’ve ever gotten a pop-up message or email asking for their name, address, phone number, or other personal information. If they have or if they do, forward phishing emails to spam@uce.gov and to the company, bank, or organization impersonated in the phishing email.

    3. Update security software regularly. Hackers take advantage of browsers and operating systems that are behind on security updates.

    If you find yourself wondering if your computer has a virus, call A+ Mobile PC Doctors to speak with a technician. We perform on-site computer repair and remote computer repair in Boston and nationally, in addition to offering a laundry list of information technology services. Visit us on the web or call us at (617) 723-1986 today.

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